Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

If your budget allows it, get a professional wedding videographer so that you can get only the best wedding video of your special day. So why opt for video instead of photos? The reasons are too obvious – emotion, sounds, and sight. Your wedding video can also come out like the movies especially if you hire an experienced professional. Your problem now is to look for the best videographer.

Before, videographers needed bright lights, microphones, and cables just to capture an event in video. Things have changed greatly over the years and with the technological advances, video cameras today are far superior than ones in the past. With less obtrusive and smaller digital cameras, videographers can easily operate in any room or venue. To get the best wedding video, you will need to hire someone who is an expert in capturing weddings.

Your wedding is the most special event of your life and so only an expert should capture it on video. Videographers have different specialties and even if one videographer has thousands of digi-cams, he can’t produce a very good wedding video because it is not his forte. The videos are now in digital tapes and it can also be put into DVDs.

The most important things to consider when choosing a videographer are price and style. When it comes to price, the three main factors are Time, Talent and Technology. Some videographers may have use similar professional equipment, but it will be the skills, experience, techniques and style in shooting and editing that seperates them. This is why it is impossible to just shop on price alone. The video styles and quality can vary greatly between videographers. Professional videography is more about the artistic recreation of your wedding day than the technology employed.

Start planning as soon as the wedding date is set. It would be best to book for the videographer several months before the wedding date. Ask referrals from friends, relatives, and colleagues. You can make a list videographers. Check them out one by one so and make sure that you schedule an appointment. You should be comfortable in the presence of the videographer; otherwise, the wedding video will not look very good if you’re too conscious. Don’t forget to ask for a demo and look into their packages.

Examine the previous works of the videographer particularly the sound quality, colour, equipment, titles, dissolves, etc. Don’t forget to check out only the experts in weddings. Once you’ve decided on the perfect videographer, you can now present your requirements and other details that should be included in your wedding video. Talk to the videographer about it so that everything will be settled before the big day. So you see, hiring a videographer is not as hard as you think as long as you know the factors to consider.