Why Do I Need a Professional Videographer?

The much awaited day has arrived and you’re finally walking down the aisle with the soft music playing on the background as you glance at the wedding videographer and smiling your most beautiful smile. Just several months ago, you and your would-be husband were looking for the perfect wedding videographer to capture your most precious moments and now, everything is a reality.  

For all couples who are still planning for their wedding, getting a wedding videographer is an excellent decision, after all, the wedding day comes once in a lifetime and it should be well documented. Don’t even think of asking a friend or relative to do it for you just to cut down the costs. A skilled wedding videographer will be able to provide you with good quality video of your wedding that you can treasure for the generations to come. It’s really exciting to think that you can share the wedding video with your great grandchildren in the future. Most couples have second thoughts about hiring a professional because they often think that it’s costly. Well, they are quite wrong because if they simply take time in looking for a videographer who charges a reasonable price, they can get a good deal.

As compared to amateurs, a professional wedding videographer can produce far better videos than what your friend or Uncle Harry can. Many professional videographers have been trained especially to capture the live action that only happens once as opposed to shooting multiple takes. You only get one take at capturing the exchange of the vowels. Professional wedding videographers also cope very well under pressure and know when to anticipate certain upcoming events of the day so they don’t miss out on any shots. The biggest differences between amateur video & professional video are:

  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Stable imagery
  • Composition
  • Story telling and timing
  • Technical aspects – such as exposure, focus, white balance
  • Creativity of shots
  • Equipment

A professional will make every effort to learn more about his craft as well as continuously educating himself to stay current with the latest information in this rapidly changing industry.

The equipment used by videographers today is of a professional quality and can adapt to any wedding environment. To get a good deal, you will need to look into the wedding videographer’s equipment, personality, creativity, editing style, choices, and price. Price is always a very important factor since the couple is just starting out. The price can range from $2000 to over $10,000. So you see, all you have to do is to find a videographer is willing to work for you on a budget without sacrificing the quality of the video. As mentioned earlier, you also need to look into the personality of the videographer.

A wedding videographer will be able to create a video that you can always pop into your DVD that will instantly take you back on your wedding day. Forget about hiring friends or relatives because they may not be able to give the same professional video quality that is required for such an important event. Establish your budget first and after that, decide on how much you are willing to spend for a wedding videographer. Congratulations on your big day!